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Monday 27 April 2009

What a venue!

Last Thursday morning, while I was on my way to a meeting for the modern apprenticeship program that's being developed for the hard-landscaping trade, I thought I'd have a nosey at that Ricoh Arena that's going to be the venue for the show next February.

I was supposed to be heading for Stoneleigh Park, which is on the other side of Coventry, but it was such a lovely morning, and I was full of the joys of spring due to becoming a grandfather for the first time that very morning, so I decided to set out a bit earlier than normal and allow enough time to complete a cross-town journey that would get me to the meeting in plenty of time.

I was really surprised at just how easy it is to get to the Ricoh Arena. It is, with no hint of exaggeration, just 2 minutes from the M6 motorway at Junction 3, and you really can't miss it.

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Admittedly it was 9:15am when I was there, so you wouldn't really expect it to be busy, but there are two ginormous car parks with security guards right outside the venue. I assume it's free parking as no-one asked me for any money, which is a great bonus if you're one of those unlucky enough to have to pay a king's ransom to park a bus-ride away from the building as is the case at certain other venues.

A good venue is half the battle for a successful event and I think the show organisers might just have worked a blinder here. Incredibly easy to get to; a doddle to park; and it looks damned impressive.

Roll on next February!


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